Thursday, October 08, 2009

Winner of Peter de Sève's Original drawing goes to....

During every CHIU-Stream we have a topic in the beginning of the program for participants to sketch. During Peter de Sève's interview, he chose the topic "Big but Graceful" AND THE WINNER IS.... CHARLES SANTOSO!

A note from Peter de Sève:

I'm going to go with the majority here on this drawing signed Chao. I like a combination of things about it and the fact that it works on more than one level. It certainly fits the basics of the assignment" Big and Graceful". Like many of the submissions, (including my own) there is a character delicately balanced on one foot. I think it's interesting and maybe a little alarming how many of us went to that exact idea. It's a good lesson for us all to try and think of an unusual way into an assignment and hopefully come up with a solution that no one else has. That said, the drawing here has a beautiful sense of volume, weight and at the same time, delicacy. I am also impressed by the added emotional layer in the way the face is drawn. There is grace there as well. When creating a character it's crucial that we consider not only what it looks like but also how it "feels". What emotion does the design evoke from the viewer? After all, the face will be the most important aspect of your design- it is what the audience will need to relate to most.
Congratulations to all on doing such great work in so little time. And also congratulations to the two runners up. Great job, folks!
Good luck to all of you.
all the best,

From all the Chiustreamers and everyone at Imaginism Studios, thank you so much Peter! It was awesome!!

Here is the Peter de Sève's version of "Big but Graceful" that Charles has won:

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