Thursday, April 21, 2016

What great artists have in common

After 10 years of interviewing tons of great artists, here are the key traits that are common with all of them.If you would like me to do more of these videos, give me a like or leave me a comment.
For art education:

Monday, April 18, 2016

Vlog of our trip to Florence!

March 2016 Chiu's My Own Adventures took us to Schoolism Live Art Workshop in Florence. Kei (Acedera) and I (Bobby Chiu) were very honored to have our friends Ryan Lang and Helen Ming Jue Chen to join us. Both Helen and Ryan are incredible artists having worked on such films as Wreck-it-Ralph, Big Hero 6, Marvel's Dr.Strange and many many many more.

This is a VLOG of my adventures through art and education. If you like it, let me know! I'll try to do more in the future. ----------- Me and my favorite artists teach on

Special Thanks to:
Ryan Lang
Helen Mingjue Chen
Kei Acedera
Mika Madden
our friends at Nemo Academy
and our wonderful sponsors that help to make the Florence workshop possible:
Art Station