Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello Kitty Three Apples Art Exhibition. Impostor by Bobby Chiu

So Peter, Kei and I were in LA on Thursday to attend a freakin super cute art exhibit of Hello Kitty. Very fun! The 3 of us were all exhibiting paintings in the show. Here's mine! I called it "IMPOSTOR". I really LOVE this painting! It was very fun to do and it always kept me smiling from start to finish.

This is a digital one of a kind canvas print. So unfortunately there will be no prints made of this. But feel free to update your wallpaper :)


Got to meet some celebs as well. Jason "Mayhem" Miller host of MTV's Bully Beat Down! Super cool guy.

David Navarro also super cool guy.

Kimora Lee. Didn't get to talk to her. She was surrounded by cameras all night. Very tall!

Kei met Paris Hilton that night! She said Paris was very sweet.

Red carpet action