Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Art of Caricature at Schoolism.com!


At the end of each semester, my students have to complete a "portfolio piece". A "caricature illustration" so-to-speak. This was Rich Lauzon's final submission! A BIG CONGRATS to Rich! He worked very hard, and I feel he put together a great piece! I critiqued it for him and gave him some suggestions which he said he'll work on. Perhaps when he finishes it, I'll post his final here for all to see?

My next semester for "The Art of Caricature" at Schoolism.comstarts this Friday on the 9Th of October, there are still a couple slots open!

Here's what Rich had to say about the course!

"This last assignment was extremely challenging. I fully appreciated how every lesson was pulled together in this final project. I particularly was impressed with the creative freedom that could be found within the project. I plan to use these techniques in future projects.

I have learned a lot from your course. How to paint, better composition, and, a very straight forward and streamlined process that allows me to create work more efficiently in this deadline oriented field. But probably the thing that clicked for me the most was how to “see” where to caricature. That it’s okay to make things smaller to make something else that has regular proportions look bigger. The skull lesson was also eye opening. That one really shows you what to distort and what to shade what to cross hatch as far as surface planes are concerned. That could be a how to book or DVD all by itself.

It is clear that you are very passionate in your craft. You strike me as a “teachable” for life and I am very humbled by your generous nature in sharing your secrets of your success."