Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wizard World Philly and Subway Sketching Postponed

Hi Everyone,

Friday May 30th to Sunday June 1st Bobby, T and I will be in Philadelphia for Wizard World Philly. Because of this, Subway Sketching is postponed until June 8th.

If you're in the area, come on by. We'd love to say hi!
We'll be at:
TABLE 1401-1403

Here are some recent subway sketches...rotating my pens and pencils for practice. Hope you like them :)

Here's some killer links that we've wanted to add for quite some time but never got the chance to!
Sylvain Marc

Geneviève Godbout

Nathan Fowkes’ Landscapes

Nathan Fowkes

Erwin Madrid

Oren Haskins

Claudio Acciari

Aurélien Predal

Chhuy-Ing IA

there's more links to come...


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Free digital painting video - Bobby Chiu

Here's a new commission I did recently for Sketchbook Pro. I've been kinda selective about jobs recently but I loved doing this one because they let me do anything I wanted! My initial idea for this piece was a dark-ish little girl with a pet creature that she "dolls up" in the way that normal girls might dress up a cat or a puppy.

To see the mini tutorial and interview with Sketchbook Pro please click HERE

I recorded the process of the entire painting and did a time lapse while talking over top of it. This is a video podcast about my experiences as an artist and the lessons I've learned that will hopefully help other artists achieve their goals.


Friday, May 16, 2008



Thursday, May 15, 2008

All for Love!

I'm happy that I can finally share this with everyone, a different job from me . . . this was actually a collaboration of a few artists. I worked with the animation company Nathan Love who have done some amazing commercials, very talented guys. They created a baby-like cupid with no hair or wings and the gun, it was handed to me as a pencil drawing. Another artist painted the background. This was an interesting job because I didn't do any drawing besides the hair and wings . . . my part in this was to paint the cupid and gun so that it felt like and old "Victorian" painting . . . this was a challenging job and was a lot of fun doing something different!

The final billboard hangs in a train station somewhere in Switzerland, 30ft x 100ft . . . . crazy!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just Swimming Along...and Street Fighter sneek peek!

This is a fun little sketch I did not too long ago.. I needed to do something more peaceful and relaxing---aaahh, I wish I was her right now! I'm planning to turn this into a finished painting.

And also..

Here's a seek peek of my contribution to the "Art of Street Fighter Tribute" book.
This was a very last minute thing and I didn't expect to be in it because of work, but I've grown up with Street Fighter so I couldn't help but do one! Thank you to the guys at Udon Comics!!

Its over 300 pages of kick ass art! And there's a cool art contest too. To find out more info, or to pre-order CLICK HERE.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

IMPORTANT MATTER FOR ARTISTS - we must take action today! Do not lose ownership of your art!

Please post this in your blog! Very important.

I read this on!
IMPORTANT MATTER FOR ARTISTS - we must take action today! Do not lose ownership of your art!

Hi everyone,

The text below will be self-explanatory. There is an important issue facing us as artists, related to the copyrights of our works, which corporations wish to control and take at our expense, We must put a stop to this immediately unless you wish to see others owning and plagiarizing your art.

This is too important to ignore please participate and forward to your others.
House version:

Senate version:
Congress is rushing these bills through to a floor vote. The House will start marking up their version of the bill at 2:00 today; the Senate will do so tomorrow. To try to stop this bill, we first need to slow down the race to get it passed.


Take Action: Don't Let Congress Orphan Our Work

We've set up an online site for visual artists to e-mail their Senators and Representatives with one click.

This site is open to professional artists, photographers and any member of the image-making public.

We've provided sample letters from individuals representing different sectors of the visual arts.

If you're opposed to the Orphan Works act, this site is yours to use.

For international artists and our colleagues overseas, we've provided a special link, with a sample letter and instructions as to whom to write.

2 minutes is all it takes to write Congress and protect your copyright:

For international people like myself, you can help by participating HERE

Please forward this message to every artist you know.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Crabby Chat

Hi Everyone!
Here's another little cutie Bobby Chiu and I did recently. It's another piece for our new book coming out end of the month called "Water Worlds."
Painted in Photoshop.

Here's a little WIP gif

Hope you like it!


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Little Red Dragon

We found this shy little sea dragon observing us from a bank of coral. He was no bigger than my thumb, but one of our explorer friends claimed that, on a dive last year, she'd come across a full grown sea dragon that was the size of three school buses!

Hi everyone,

Here's a new pic Bobby and I did together. This is a study on deep sea photography. It's a cute little sea dragon for our new book "Water Worlds". For pre-orders click ---> [link]

Hope you like it!


Here's a little WIP gif.