Thursday, October 08, 2009

Interview with Peter de Seve!

NOTE: Due to the amount of traffic this interview had on we extended the voting deadline on Schoolism. Deadline for voting is 12pm (EST/NY time). Winner of the contest will be announced in the next day or two. FOLLOW THIS BLOG to find out when we announce the winner!

Today on CHIU-Stream I was doing a LIVE interview with PETER DE SEVE at

He gave some great insight and advice for artists and even gave us a peek at a bit of his art collection!

Peter also came up with the topic "Big yet Graceful" to draw and paint during the interview. In the next day or two Peter de Seve will declare a winner from the competition and that winner will get an original drawing from Peter de Seve based on the same topic!

NEXT CHIU-Stream will be on tomorrow at 11:30pm(EST), 8:30pm(PST)!

LINKS: Peter de Seve's BLOG, Peter de Seve's WEBSITE