Monday, March 20, 2006

Digital Painting Classes start April 27, 2006


Course Name: Digital Painting with Bobby Chiu

Course Code: ARTS78011

Prepare yourself for a career in digital art by learning from an industry professional. Award-winning digital artist Bobby Chiu will teach you philosophies and techniques for producing digital paintings, conceptual art, and character designs by applying traditional art skills in the virtual environment of Adobe Photoshop. Be prepared to immerse yourself in practical assignments and exercises that will build your digital painting skills from the ground up. In each class you will be taught different digital painting techniques that can not be done traditionally!

Software Requirements: Students must have some knowledge of computers and preferably Adobe Photoshop or better for assignment purposes.

Hardware Requirements: Students must bring their own WACOM TABLET for assignment purposes. (A limited amount of Wacom tablets will be made available by the instructor for purchase or rental.)

Where: at Sheridan College (Oakville, Ontario - Trafalgar Campus)

Course Name: Digital Painting with Bobby Chiu

When: April 27 , 2006 ($480 Cdn for 9 weeks. Night Classes every Thursday 7pm to 10pm)

Space is limited to 30 students.

Not every Artist can teach. Bobby is an exception!! Every Lesson had it’s ‘Light Bulb’ moment which left me excited and inspired to put the new found knowledge into practice. Thank you, Bobby. This has been an AMAZING class! – Lar DeSouza (professional caricature artist)

I thought this was an amazing class. I've improved from barely knowing anything about digital painting to be able to really color and render with it. I've enjoyed every bit of this class. -
Ben Lo (1st yr animation student)

...Instructor is very willing to share his knowledge and experience. He is also very approachable and patient. Highly recommended!! -
Winky (Nelvana)

Even though I've been doing digital paintings myself for a few years, I've found the techniques taught in this class to be extremely helpful. The techniques I've picked up in this class has made this class worth while to take. I'm really looking forward to applying all these techniques to my digital paintings. Thanks Bob! -
Peter Chan (illustration student)

How enjoyable a young man Bob is and nice to know that an artist of such integrity and guidance is helping our younger artist as well as us “geriatrics”A real ‘pleasure’ and ‘joy’ … Bobby! - Tom McGhee (veteran illustrator)

This class opened my eyes to a whole new world of creative options; my work will never be the same (in a good way)! Thanks Bobby Chiu! -
R.Bursey (computer animation student)

Amazing course. I learned something new every class. Bob made everything easy to follow and understand. The class was a perfect 10 out of 10! – Vijay Chandran ( Artist/Animator)

This has been a very useful and informative class. It has helped open my mind up to a lot of different aspects of digital painting and I am looking forward to applying all the techniques learned in my own projects. Thanks!! -
Elise Trinh (illustration student)

Honestly, I really like your class. I really learned some great stuff on digital painting. I'll go to your subway sketching some day for sure!! –

I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in painting and art. I found it to be extremely informative and helpful. –
Oliver Costes (artist)

Great way to learn Photoshop for people with all skill levels – Nate (artist)

I find that the class is really helpful for people with both intermediate and novice knowledge of Photoshop. The course has made me more confident in the way I approach working with Photoshop as I now have a much clearer understanding. – Salma Hussain (computer animation student)

This is a wonderful course and overall a great learning experience. Course material was very helpful. Bobby, you’re one of the most organized and patient teachers I’ve ever had. Great class! – Hattie Phair (animation student)

Totally worth it, every step of the way. Very helpful & patient with us. Keep it up! –
Lara Salam (2nd yr animation student)

I really did enjoy the course and look forward to applying everything I’ve learned to my own work. It helped me figure out how to do a lot of things I’ve been wondering about for a while now. I liked that you showed us several different approaches. – AnnMarie (animation student)

What I liked the most was the variety of different techniques and styles covered in the class. – anonymous

I recommend this class to anyone interested in digital painting. – Thierry LaFontaine ( 3rd yr animation student)

A class where you actually learn a lot, so you look forward to every class. I recommend it! It’s SUPER AWESOME!! – Marion Green (artist/animator)

What I liked the most was the diversity of each lesson and how every time we were learning something new and different. It kept things interesting time after time. Every lesson brings something new and unique to add and enrich any artists’ skill from a beginner to an expert. – Anna Gopin (3rd yr animation student)


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New York Comicon 2006

Thanks to all those that came by my table at the NY Comicon over the weekend. It was so great to meet all of you! I had a blast and I hope to see you all again next year.

It was so great to meet so many friendly artists and to meet a lot of people that I've only chatted with on art forums until now. The highlight of my trip had to be drawing along side my friend Stephen Silver and chat about art while he drew me a caricature. I started laughing out loud as soon as I saw it