Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Teaching Sheridan 3rd yrs. and Ancient Japan Sketches

That's right. I just got off the phone and it has been confirmed. Sheridan has asked me to teach 3rd year life drawing for animation and I of course said yes. People that know me, know I love life drawing so I'm very excited to come in this Friday. Bring some notes people because I'll be telling you things that you're going to want to write down!

Here's the scoop on the winter semester digital painting classes at Sheridan College as well. I will be teaching a second digital painting class in addition to my original class.

So the first class is still the same. All about multiple digital painting techniques. How to use the tools and functions professionally in effective painterly and illustrative ways. Custom brushes, vector art, smudge technique, painterly technique...etc.

The new advanced class will be all about how to paint, draw, see, and analysis what you imagine or observe and expressing them in all different ways using Photoshop. Including matte painting classes with my friend Jordan Nieuwland who's done matte paintings for Capote, The Producers, The Fountain as well he worked on a film that I can't wait to see: "300" and many more. A very modest low key super talented individual.

The original class will now be on Tuesdays 7-10pm starting January 10th, 2007.
Sign up starts in December. 30 spots avalible.

The advanced class will be on Thursdays 7-10pm starting January 12th, 2007.
Sign up starts in December. 30 spots avalible.

If you'd like to join my mailing list, just email me at mailinglist @ and we will notify you when Sheridan starts signing people up.

Anyhow life has been extremely good but extremely busy. My newest book "Ancient Japan Sketches" will be out on December 1st so if you'd like an autographed copy from Kei and I, you should preorder soon. After December 1st all orders will be handled by our distributor and will not be signed.

Besides the book I've been working on character designs for EA games and it's been one of most fun projects I've had in a while. I'd love to post some pics but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to so I'd better not try.

And if you heard about a possible on-line class in the works, you could be right. Lots of things will be happening in 2007... so stay tuned!

New videocast coming soon as well. Just have to find a break sometime in the next few days.

For now here's the cover of "Ancient Japan Sketches." Preorder to get autographed copy HERE