Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mayan Samurai by Alberto Ruiz & Bobby Chiu. Ancient Japan Sketches

This is a collaborative piece drawn by Alberto Ruiz and painted by me, Bobby Chiu. (I've waited MONTHS to write that sentence!)

Now, you might be thinking that Mayan and Japanese are worlds apart. Believe me, I thought so too at first, but then decided that "Ancient Japan Sketches" needn't be taken so literally. The Japanese elements were present, so we included her. I wouldn't want to tell this Mayan samurai woman that she's not getting into the book, would you?

I've been a fan of Alberto's for a while now. I've always admired his unique "Alberto Ruiz style" of designing women. And at the 2006 Toronto Fan Expo, I had the opportunity to tell him this in person. Ironically, he came over to our booth before I had a chance to find HIM. He introduced himself and said he was a fan of our work! This just goes to show: the internet is an incredible networking tool.

I wasted no time in asking him to be a guest artist for this book. Then he came up with the idea for a collaborative piece, and just like that, "Mayan Samurai" was born.

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