Sunday, November 19, 2006

Stephen Silver - Ancient Japan Sketches Guest Artist

There's lots of BIG reasons why I'm excited about our book coming out... and this is one of them: Stephen Silver. He's one of our friends we've invited to be in our Ancient Japan Sketches. Every book we have guest artists that contribute a pic or two to our pages. They are all personally invited so you know they have our seal of approval :)

If you don't know him, you should definitely check out his SITE and his BLOG

The videocasts that I do, I got the idea from Stephen. He does Podcasts that are informative, inspirational, honest, and motivational. Definitely something you should check out.

Little known fact: he was one of the few people that really encouraged me to persue being independent and to put out my own books when I was first starting off. Now look at us... 6 books later and still going strong! He is not only a very talented artist but a genuinely good person as well.

Only 12 more days to PREORDER your autographed copy of "Ancient Japan Sketches"

Stephen Silver also has sketchbooks. His newest one I highly recommend. It's an exact duplicate of his real sketchbook! Same size, paper... everything.
Here's some pics from Stephen Silver's latest sketchbook.