Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CHIU-Stream tonight at 11:30pm! / Spotlight: Walter Brendsen

CHIU-Stream Tuesday September 28th at 11:30pm(New York time/EST), 11:30pm(-5GMT), 8:30pm(LA time/PST).

Bobby will be CHIU-Streaming LIVE. Join in and paint with me at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/bobby-chiu-broadcasting or to participate and paint with us you can log in at http://www.schoolism.com/chiutv.php

NOTE: Peter De Seve will be LIVE on CHIU-Stream October 7th 11:00pm(New York time/EST), 11:00pm(-5GMT), 8:00pm(LA time/PST)!

Walter Berendsen was one of the participants on the CHIU-Stream today and his entry was picked to be on air. Great work Walter! And everyone else that participated!!

Here's the CHIU-Stream from tonight!