Sunday, September 27, 2009

CHIU-Stream is back Monday night!

New CHIU-Stream Monday September 28th at 11:30pm(New York time/EST), 8:30pm(LA time/PST).

I'll be CHIU-Streaming LIVE. Join in and paint with me at

Thanks for alllll the kind emails everyone! I'm feeling much better now.


***NOTE: Today we will be submitting the sketches in a different way. We built up a way to submit and vote on, it is all free.

If you want to participate you can go on Schoolism, and you make a username and password by registering, INSTEAD of posting images on the blog.

After you have registered for an account on Schoolism, please click on 'TV' to access the Chiu-stream TV options. Click on upload and there you can all vote for the drawing you like the most. Go register for an account if you want to participate tonight.

Let any of the moderators know in the U-Stream chat tonight if you have any questions. Thank you.