Monday, October 16, 2006

Motor City Comicon Review!

Aaaaaand we're back!
Spent the weekend just outside of Detroit for the Motor City Comicon. People say "size doesn't matter" but in this case it does. It was a cute little mini version of what comicons are usually like but none the less we did quite well so a BIG hug and thank you to all the wonderful people that came by to say hi.


- Seeing our friend Tom Dow. He was one of the original "Bobby Chiu's Subway Sketchers" in Toronto before he moved to MI. We miss you Tom!

- Watching the Detroit Tigers game on Saturday night with the locals. Bobby says that it brought back fond memories of our Blue Jays back in the early 90s. I really don't know much about baseball-I'm a soccer fan, but either way, it was a great vibe! Go Tigers Go!

Here's some sketches of the COMICON GIRLS at the convention.