Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Alberto Ruiz & Bobby Chiu Collabo! Mayan Samurai Woman

Ok here's a project that I've been really excited about. I'm doing a collaboration piece with my new friend Alberto Ruiz.

He's been one of my favorite artists long before I knew him and I have all his books. Check out his blog too --->


His take on the female figure is amazingly unique and original.

A month ago I met Alberto while doing the Toronto Fan Expo Comicon and took the opportunity to invite him to be a guest artist in next Imaginism Book. Due out in early December 2006. Topic is "Ancient Japan Sketches." He liked the opportunity and came up with the idea to do a collaboration with him.

So here is the WIP for this collaboration... stay tuned.

Also if anyone's interested you can check out other Imaginism Books or preorder the "Ancient Japan Sketches" (only preorders will be signed by Kei and I) --->


Original Drawing by Alberto Ruiz

Block in...

Layering details...

Stay tuned... updates coming quickly and swiftly