Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Our California trip was an absolute blast! Thanks to all those that came out to see us. Special thanks goes out to our friend Dominic at DW for letting me send my many books and boxes to his place for me to pick up. Also a special thank you to my long time great friend Lora for showing us such amazing hospitality and for taking Kei and I to the beach! Above is a picture of our new Imaginism Studios logo that we recreated in the sand.

As well a special big thanks goes out to our friend Stephen Silver for taking us out to dinner with the gang.

It was also an absolute pleasure to meet John Nevarez, Patrick Morgan and Jose Lopez. I spent the most time talking with John N. and I was pleasantly surprised by how down to earth all these great artists are. Talented and humble.

Justin Ridge - it was great to finally meet you in person. You're just how Kei and I pictured you - very friendly and down to earth.

Sergio Aragones - what a quick hand! Fastest drawer in the world and very nice guy as well. He has a fatherly presence about him that was very relaxing.

Dean Yeagle - always a pleasure to see and talk with you. Thanks so much for your new book. It's on my shelf right now.
There's so many more artists that made our trip so great, I apologize if I leave anyone out.

Robin Mitchell - my homie from way back. Always a pleasure my friend.

David Coleman - Super cool dude. We'll have to hangout again.

Court Jones - What an amazing talent.

This being my first time there, I was pretty paranoid of doing anything wrong so I always went to sleep early and got up early. I'll definitely be more relaxed next year and hopefully Kei and I will be able to hang out more.

Next Convention: Chicago Wizard Comicon Aug 3-6, 2006