Friday, July 11, 2008

Totoro Forest Project!

Here's something you'll be hearing a lot about.

This amazing event called the Totoro Forest Project is a fundraising auction that has brought together over 200 distinguished artists from animation, comic books and illustration, to save the Sayama forest (aka Totoro Forest). Hayao Miyazaki used this forest as an inspiration for "Totoro". All proceeds will go to the Totoro no Furusato Forest Foundation, established by Hayao Miyazaki himself. This is the brilliant idea of Dice Tsutsumi, Ronnie del Carmen and Enrico Casarosa.
Check out their wonderful site for some mind blowing pieces !!--> TOTORO FOREST PROJECT

Bobby and I are very honored to be a part of it.

Here is my "inner" Totoro...
Title: Enoki Forest Song
Medium: Gouache on Watercolor Paper.
Size: 11x14 inches
Poem: Raise, raise the lantern high,
Darkened riverbanks roll by,
The small skiff drifts, the band plays on
And the fireflies dance along
To the enoki mushroom forest song.

Here's Bobby's amazingly detailed pen drawing...
Title: Dirty Job
Medium: Pen and Ink.
Size: 11x14 inches
Story: Help wanted: Enthusiastic individual, must love animals and working outdoors, no experience necessary.

And another fantastic painting by Bobby! (yes, he doe not stop :))
Title: Twins
Medium: Pen and Ink with Digital
Size: 13x19 inches
Story: The blue gill-necked centi-plesiosaur is known for its inquisitive nature, sociable disposition, and extremely poor eyesight.