Sunday, February 03, 2008

from France with love.. Angouleme 2008

The Town of Angouleme

Before going to Angouleme, we didn't know too much about this festival except for the fact that it's one of the largest comic book fests in Europe. When we arrived and started to learned more and more about this fascinating town, it started to seem like this place was a dream come true, that we were wisked off into a magical wonderland of a comic book world! Every person in the town not just appreciates art but truly loves it! In every shop, whether it be a clothing store, a bakery or a dental office, they would have their favorite comic book characters decorated all over their place!

In the center of town there is a giant bronze sculpture of their town hero, Hergé, the creator of Tin Tin! That just shows how much this whole town revolves around art and literature.

An amazing site to see.

One of the many adorable shops we saw.

The town is covered with many fun murals..these are just some of them.

A night view of the city hall area (its the big castle on the left.)

One of the alleys in the main resturant district-- The Moroccan resturant we kept coming back to for their couscous!

The Show

The humble population of 50,ooo of Angouleme quickly grew into 250,000 as the festival started, attracting people from all over Europe and North America. It was inasane, you just have to be there to experience it all...

..the people were sooo nice, the food was nothing but the finest, freshest quality, the air was pure, and the art was simply divine. It's one of the best trips we've had, and we can't wait till next year.

If you want to see some videos from the festival here's a link. (Its in French, but you can really get a sense of how the event went.)

And stay tuned for some journal sketches and our adventure in Paris!!