Friday, May 04, 2007

Calgary Expo Review

Hi Everyone,

We just got back from the Calgary Expo on Wednesday.

It's was one of the best comicons we've been to. Great crowd, friendly people. Fantastic organizers. The BEST hospitality out of all the cons. Thanks to Kandrix and Laurie and all the rest for the awesome time they showed us! We couldn't be prouder that this is a Canadian event.

First night, we shared a ride to the hotel with Ryan Woodward (storyboarder for Spiderman 3 and fellow teacher) then went out partying with our buds Stephen Silver, David Colman, Patrick Morgan, Jose Lopez and our new friends Louie Del Carmen and Octavio Rodriguez. Amazing group of guys.

Second day was the convention. Great friendly crowd. Extremely well organized! Just awesome. Got to see some good friends as well. Freedom fighter: Alberto Ruiz and his ever growing army of independent artists Robin Mitchell, Joe Pekar, Andrew Wilson, Wade Schin. Cheeks, wish you were there buddy. You missed out! Ah.. there's always next year though. Also always good to see our SF buddy John Giang.

The view from the plane

Here's some pics from our booth

After the convention the guest artists were invited to go to Banff for some R&R. We met Bruce Timm and hung out with Francisco Herrera, Humberto Ramos, David Colman, Andrew Wilson, John G and the Udon crew (our Wii coach Jim Zubkavich and the GTA posse Francis Manapul, Agnes, Marcus To, Omar Dogan and Joe Ng).

Playing Texas Holdem with Chicklets.

For all those that didn't make it out, be SURE to go there next year. Check out the view in Banff.

Here's one of our postcards stuck in the snow on the top of a mountain. Don't worry, we didn't leave it there :)

Thanks again Kandrix, Laurie and all the fine people in Calgary for being so friendly and hospitable.


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