Friday, March 23, 2007

Aaaaaaand.... we're back!!

What a wonderful trip to California. Thanks to all those that helped make it such a pleasant experience. Highlight of the trip had to have been cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway from SF to LA. Highly recommended.

Thanks to Dominic Bilodeau at Dream Works for giving us a place to stay when we first got to LA. He gave us a tour of DW and introduced us to Nicolas Marlet. One of our favorite character designers of all time. Boy, this man can draw!! Thanks Nicholas for sparing some time to talk with us and showing us your fabulous art.

Big thanks goes out to the Silver family for inviting us to stay with them during the last week of our trip. Heidi and Stephen were great to hang out with and their kids are just non stop entertainment! hehehe...

Alberto Ruiz - Always a pleasure to talk with you. Your stories and wisdom make it such a joy for us to listen to.

David Coleman - Thanks again for lunch and the tour of Cartoon Network. It was a real treat my friend!

Also shouts out to
Patrick Morgan - Always a pleasure to hang out with this man. See you in Calgary!
Sean "Cheeks" Galloway - Almost spit out my drink when Cheeks started speaking Chinese to me!! Multi-talented and full of surprises.
Lord Mesa and Marlena - awesome people with the horniest dog I've ever seen.
Jose Lopez - didn't get to talk too much this time but still always a pleasure
Justin Ridge - Always great to see our friend Justin. One of the nicest guys in the business.
Mr.Scribbles - great to meet you in SF!
Urban Barbarian - great to meet you as well. I promise to post more subway sketches :)
Dean Yeagle - Always a pleasure!
Ed Costa - Wish I could have stayed for more drinks but there's always next time!
Hope I didn't miss anyone!!

Here's a pic I did for an upcoming issue of Imagine FX. I splashed some loose color on top.

As much as we loved our trip to Cali, it's great to be home in Canada! Next stop will be Calgary Comicon April 29th. Hope to see you there!