Friday, August 17, 2007

TCAF this Sat, Sun! and.... Art Contest!!

For those of you in the Toronto Area, come on down to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, otherwise known as TCAF! The Imaginism crew will all be exhibiting there.


Fan Art challenge!

After a long day of work Kei and I found ourselves watching 80's cartoon intros on TV last night and found ourselves inspired to do a little fan art! We had so much fun doing it that we decided that it might be fun to come up with a little challenge! Post your best He-man fan art on your blog from now until the end of August 31st and then post your link in the comments. It's just for fun and free to enter.

Kei and I will check them all out! There will be two winners. We'll each pick out a winner and mail them our fan art sketches (posted below)! It'll be a fun and nerdy way to do some art for ourselves again. So anyone interested?

Not sure how many will enter or if any at all but if it works out well then we'd love to do it again!