Monday, August 20, 2007

Fan Expo this weekend: Stephen Silver, Alberto Ruiz, David Colman and Joe Weatherly coming to Toronto!

Toronto Fan Expo 2007 in 3 days!

There's going to be tons to see and people to meet so come on down! I hear it's the 3rd largest Comic Con in North America. The Fan Expo has always been one of our favorite Comic Cons, not just because it's so big and so much to see but because it's in our hometown of Toronto Canada. Whenever Kei and I go traveling we always tell all our friends that the Toronto Fan Expo is something that they have to attend.

This year's comic con is extra special for us because we've asked some of our friends from California to attend for the first time: Stephen Silver, Joe Weatherly, David Colman and from NY Alberto Ruiz!!

Stephen Silver - is a truly inspirational artist and friend that Kei and I have admired for years. One of our favorite character designers and lead designer at Disney. His new book "Stephen Silver's Sketchbook" is an exact duplicate of his real sketchbook! A real MUST HAVE. Completely self taught and full of passion for his craft. CARICATURIST OF THE YEAR 2001. He'll be sitting with us signing books and talking about his online classes at

Alberto Ruiz - just about the best modern day pin-up artist today. His sense of design and ability to draw the female form is unmatched. He's also an independent artist and is one of the friendliest people in the biz. We love this guy because he always 'keeps it real.' Never afraid of saying exactly what's on his mind and fights for what he believes in. Alberto will also be sitting in our row talking to fans and signing books.

Joe Weatherly - is a Southern California based artist specializing in the drawing and painting of animals. His style is bold and vigorous capturing the essence and drama of the subjects he draws and paints. The attitude and expression of the animal’s character along with telling a visual story is what his work conveys. Conservation of the natural world is something Joe is very passionate about and hopes his work will motivate people to protect it and promote its survival.

David Colman - is an amazing animal drawer and designer working at Disney Feature. Recently he won an Emmy for his work at Cartoon Network. He also has a wonderful book on "The Art of Animal Character Design." Another must have!

So come on down to the Toronto Fan Expo this weekend and show these amazing artists a real Canadian welcome! We're going to talk Stephen Silver into doing caricatures as well!


TCAF review - 100% awesome. Thanks so much to EVERYBODY that came by our booth. It was completely overwhelming. 3 of our books sold out and a whole bunch of our prints as well!

Here's an illustration I'm working on. Not sure if I posted this before. I really like the idea but I wanted to tighten up the design of the "dragon pig" a bit better.

It's a creature study I did to explore the form a bit better and tighten up the design. At this point I'm not worried about texture, tone or lighting.. I'm just concentrating on the basic form of the creature.