Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chicago Wizard World was amazing...

Chicago Wizard World was amazing... Thank you to everyone for a fantastic time!

Kei, T and I had our first piece of real authentic Chicago pie and boy was it AMAZING! No I don't mean some little fruit filled pie like grandma used to make. I'm talking about some thick juicy pizza pie... best I've ever tasted. Big thanks goes out to our buddy Jason Seiler for showing us what real pizza is supposed to taste like.

Besides the amazing food, we had an incredible show. Our Creature Sketches book is officially SOLD OUT! I'm sure going to miss that book.

Also another big thanks goes out to Michael Wright and Quanza (my apologies in advance if I didn't spell that right) for inviting our crew out with them. They showed us a wonderful time!

We had the pleasure of sitting beside Jason Seiler and Stephen Silver during the Chicago Wizard World Comicon. It was caricature heaven. Here's a clip of Seiler drawing a caricature of one of his fans. New podcast coming soon, I promise. As soon as I get a free moment

Here's another link to an amazing mind blowing caricaturist
Joe Bluhm Joe is the author of a fabulous new book called REJECTS. Besides the art, my favorite part about this book is all the writing. It's so interesting to read a glimpse of how it is to be a pro-event caricature artist. He's going to be at TCAF with us this weekend so come on down and show him some love, buy his book and get a caricature!