Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NY Comicon 2007 Review. Let the comic conventions begin! Next comicon: San Fran Wondercon March 2-4

Hi all, we're back in Toronto for a day and heading out to SF and LA tomorrow.
I'll try and post more often but right now it's been a little hard due to comic book convention season... lots of travelling to do. Just came back from the NYC comicon and I had a blast! thanks to allll those that came out to see Kei and I. Much appreciated.

Next event is this weekend March 2-4 San Francisco Wondercon 2007!
This weekend will be the Wondercon in SF so if you're in the area, be sure to stop on by!

This year's NY Comicon turned out to be a lot better than last. Thanks John G. and Stephen S. for the invite! Much better organized and got to hang out with our favorite buds Alberto Ruiz and Stephen Silver. Dang those two can draw! Highlights from the trip would have to be our sushi dinner. Not because of the sushi. Actually the sushi tasted good but made Stephen, Kei and I a little sick. The dinner was the highlight because of the conversations we had during the meal. Hearing their stories and sharing some of my own, I found so many things that we had in common. When we'd talk about art, artists, our careers, there seemed to be a common connection between all of us. To have passion, determination and focus. If you have these things plus a few brain cells, talent and success will follow.


Here's a humorous new piece I did recently.
Title: First Line of Defence