Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Winter sketches - Bundle up cuz it's COOOOLD outside!!

Hi everyone,

Winter is definitely here. We're expecting high amounts of snow fall for the Toronto area today. I hope this will stop soon because we'll be travelling to NYC next week for the NYComicon.

Kei and I can't wait to go to California in March and get away from the freezing cold for a while.

Here's some new links added!
Ronnie Del Carmen

Seo Kim

John Nevarez

Kris Pearns

James Robertson


Rob Thompson

Just a reminder to all those in my Digital Painting class tomorrow to keep your ears on your radios if it keeps snowing like it has last night. My Tuesday class was cancelled by Sheridan College due to weather and the same might happen on Thursday. As for anyone in my Tuesday class, there will be an additional class on March 13 (week 10) to make up for yesterday's class.

Here's a couple of bundled up Canadians from the subway last Sunday. And yes subway sketching is still on for this Sunday unless otherwise noted. I think it'd be a great day to sketch people. They'll all look extra funny with all the additional layers they'll be wearing.