Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jim Jones for KING Magazine

Here's another silhouette spot illustration for KING magazine. Like the Kanye West, this Jim Jones painting was done as a 1/4 page spot. I painted the Kanye and Jim Jones in four to five days, that's including sketching and all the goings on of working a job. I really enjoyed the look of Jim's mouth, looked a bit greasy, sort of slimy, so I tried to capture that feeling a bit.

Jim Jones is a very successful business man, but in the "business world" people are confused how he became so successful . . . . . I don't know anything about him, or Kanye for that matter, but I was told that he's pretty much horrible at everything he does. So the a.d. wanted me to portray him as a bum of sorts wearing a business suit.

These are some of the sketches that I did in prep for the painting.