Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Sketches!

On the NCN forum Jan Op De Beeck started a "Sketch a Day" thread or "threads" I should say. Every Day is of course some one's birthday, so Jan has been posting birthday's of "famous" people and then that person is sketched by whoever feels like joining in. I'm in the middle of a large and somewhat complicated painting for GOLF magazine as well as a few other projects, so my personal sketching time is dwindling a bit. I still try to find time here and there to squeeze in a sketch or two a day if I can manage it. So last night I peaked in on the NCN forum and saw that it is Fats Domino's birthday on Feb 26th! So last night while watching a strange movie with my wife, I did this quick sketch. Happy birthday Fats!

This sketch was for Joe Lieberman's birthday! Happy birthday Joe. P.S. Did you eat Tweety Bird?