Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Award news and Elephant Boy!

Yippee! CGSociety.org gave me 2nd place in their CGPortfolio poll for most popular online gallery on their site :) Thank you CGTalkers!!

Other news, "On the Hunt" received a CGChoice award.

Here's a little commission I did in France for our hosts. One of our fan favorite prints is Whaleboy. Whaleboy was a painting I did for my buddy Patrick Morgan. It's a character he created with Ed Acosta and Taesoo Kim. Many times people would ask for sketches of Whaleboy as different versions... Tigerboy, Plantboy, Fishboy..etc. Here's one of those sketches. Look out Whaleboy! It's Elephant Boy! lol... sorry Patrick. Gotta give the fans what they want :)

Here's some insane links!
Jean Barbaud
Bill Cone