Wednesday, November 07, 2007

the process-Borders Holly & Marshmallow

Hi guys!
Here are some of my drawings and sketches for the Border's campaign. The idea is about a sweet relationship between a toy polar bear cub and a fairy named Marshmallow and Holly. It's a story about friendship, inspiration and enchantment.

They needed Holly to be youthful and sweet, and less mature--so they chose the one on the far left. I also drew numerous variations of dresses for her--and the "holly" dress fitted best for their color palette and also matched her name :)

Originally Marshmallow wasn't supposed to be a toy, but the idea that he magically came to life, just like Pinocchio, made the concept even more holiday-ish.

Bringing Marshmallow to life was a lot of fun-- he is like this really adorable playful puppy, except he's a bear. I love how he just got chubbier by the end.

And here are some photos inside the Borders store courtesy of Michael Campbell and Shelly --Thanks so much guys!

It was one of the most fun projects I had the opportunity to work on (so far), and the people were great. They also made actual Marshmallow plush toys!...Yes, I have one :P