Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dragon Sketches and Toronto Art Show CHANGED TO Nov.24

Our art show has been moved to next Saturday Nov. 24th. My apologies for any inconvenience!

Our books have been flagged for customs check. Appearently books made in Columbia are suspicious to them.

Here's one of my favorite pieces from our Dragon Sketches Book.
Title: How to care for your dragon by KEI ACEDERA
Materials: Gouache on recycled sketchbook paper

Hi everyone,

Many things are happening... too many to mention all of them at this moment but I would like to mention two of them.

On Saturday November 24th 7pm, we're having an art show in Toronto Canada to showcase the original art from the book. If you're in the area please feel free to come on by and say hi! It's at the Labyrinth.
Visit us at: 386 Bloor Street West (2 blocks west from Spadina Subway Station) 416 840-4506 or

If you're not in the area but are interested in the book, please go HERE

Limited to 1000 copies. Signed & numbered.

7”x10” 72 pages full color