Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blog Rush

So I was checking out the fabulous Todd Harris' blog and saw this post about BLOGRUSH.

Here's what it's about... in Todd's words (more or less).
Well, here is the jest of it. If you want a lot of people viewing your art, you may want to check it out. It takes like 2 seconds to put on your blog. Here's the details.

BR has become the new thing of the Blogging world!

Why, because…

You can add relevant content to your blog and each time you do so, you get to advertise your blog on someone else’s blog… Cool, especially for artists. We can tailor it so that your site only shows other artists blogs

So what is BR…?

BR is BlogRush.com

* It gets you traffic to you blog* It adds relevant content to your Blog* It ads new and constantly changing content* It makes your visitors happy

* It is 100% Free* It is easy to use (all you need is a blog or website)* There is NO up-sell or after sign up offer

But, there is MASSIVE traffic potential if you get in now and add this to your site and refer people with your link.

Why, it has a 10 level generation where you get Ads shown for all people in your network down all Ten levels for their impressions.

#1 - Go to site (see link below)
#2 - Watch the awesome video
#3 - Sign up in 26 seconds
#4 - Place Blog Rush on your site
#5 - Tell Others
#6 - Watch Blog Rush get your Free Traffic!
Get started on Step #1 here….

Click HERE to see BR and get more traffic now...