Monday, November 05, 2012

LOOPS Opening Night Documentation 2012

The video documentation of 'LOOPS' from my September show is finally here!
Old friends, new friends, family and friends of family, your words of kindness touched me. It didn't matter if it was in person, text, or somewhere up in cyberspace--I felt like we're all in this slightly wild adventure together. For those who couldn't come out to the show that's ok, I hate you. Kidding! Your good vibes and presence in spirit definitely reached me too.

Everyone! Your support will be remembered and the good words will stay with me as I begin my new artistic journey to who knows where (perhaps, space if you paid attention). I will remember the great friendships, bonds and bottles shared in Toronto, a place I call home.

Damask Gallery & I would sincerely like to thank everyone, because without you, where would we be?

Thank you Davy Bisaro and Damask Gallery for providing the great cozy location for the show!
Thank you to Blog.To for the Radar feature in their events.
And also, a thank you to everyone who have shared, tweeted, instagram-ed, or posted about the show on your blogs or social networks.

As I near the end of this chapter of my life, this show has given me the inspiration and strength to truly go for my dreams. Now new doors have opened for me, as I begin to start a new exciting journey for my next solo show in Los Angeles. Once again, I want to thank everyone for being a part of this, I hope we will cross paths again soon!

To see all the paintings and drawings from the exhibition, please visit:

Special thanks to Ramon Cespedes for putting together this documentation, please 'like' his page if you enjoyed his work: