Monday, November 28, 2011

The Perfect Bait is now available

My new book "The Perfect Bait" is now available on For a limited time there is free shipping world wide and you get access to the audiobook version as well. If you like the book, share this please :)


Here's some reviews and testimonials.

One thing that I've learned knowing the author and that his book The Perfect Bait wholeheartedly confirms, is that Bobby Chiu knows what he's talking about. Having developed an art style and built a career for myself, I've done much of what Bobby lays out, but had I this book my path would have been much more clear. Though not any easier mind you. You're still going to have to work your tail off. Bobby gives a usually unpleasant dose of reality but with an optimistic enthusiasm that makes his book truly motivational.

Bill Presing
Cartoonist / Pixar Animation Story Artist


The Perfect Bait is a tremendous amalgam of philosophical and practical knowledge which can only be dispensed by a true master artist in Bobby Chiu. In it Bobby selflessly imparts the knowledge, truths and systems that have made him the sought-after talent that he is. His candid and honest views are based on real-life experience and is a source of genuine inspiration. The Perfect Bait is a benefit to us in the art community and more importantly, it contains useful tools that transcend art that can help us improve our daily lives

Louie del Carmen
Dreamworks Story Artist


Bobby has done it once again in The Perfect Bait, combining both inspiration, perspiration and aspiration. With a series of interviews with the art industry's top professionals -- combined with his own experiences -- Bobby has written a most inspiring and knowledgeable how-to book. In this five step method, The Perfect Bait is the perfect book for aspiring artists.

Marcelo Vignali
Sony Pictures Animation
Production Designer / Illustrator


If I could have heard this when I began my career it would have been a game changer. It's what I wanted to know at the start and would have needed along the way.

Bobby filled it with wisdom and insight beyond his years and importantly it is backed up by the solid experience and skill of your self and those he interviewed. I will be giving this as a gift to any artist beginning a career and when asked by parents or students where to find advice, this will be number one, if not the only one. I am truly impressed. This should be listened to by every art student. I definitely will be sharing it with my students when it is released. Most importantly, it is something you will not only want to listen to once, but repeatedly over and over as your career progresses. I'm sure it will inform and influence many artists just as you have already.

Werner Zimmermann
Life drawing teacher / Educator


The Perfect Bait is an inspiring and informative audiobook for visual artists. In this book, Bobby have generously shared some philosophies that extremely useful not only for those who want to pursue an art career but to professional artists alike.

Listen to it with positive mind and I'm sure you'll find wealth of gems that you can use in your career and life in general. I personally will listen to it more than once. Definitely something that I wish I had own years ago.

Charles Santoso
Concept Artist/ Art Director, Animal Logic


This audiobook is a real asset for anyone who is serious about a career in visual arts. Bobby has compiled some of the best practical (and inspirational) information for success in this field. If you're looking to make an impact in this industry, you need to listen to this.

Everett Downing
Pixar Animator


There is a lot of great practical advice in this book. I found the last two sections to be particularly useful to someone wanting to build a career in the arts. It's stuff that isn't talked about enough in art schools, so its good to know someone is putting that information out there.

Alex Woo
Pixar Story Artist / Pixar Gesture Drawing Instructor