Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 creatures: Horkin Crane, Silva Amicus and Amphibious One Eyed Squirrel

Species: Silva Amicus

The appearance of the Silva Amicus is great sign of a healthy forest. It's a spiritual creature born from the fruit of a Rutilus Tree which can only bare fruit once every 10,000 years. The Silva Amicus helps to heal injured animals by feeding them the pedals off it's head. Once all the pedals are gone, the Silva Amicus will merge back into the tree from which it came.

Species: Horkin Crane

This creature is called a Horkin Crane because of its habit of not only spitting (like it's distant cousin the camel) but it actually horks up a big loogie and then spits at you.

It's the missing link to how horses actually evolved from birds at one point!
Unfortunately this drawing is the only known image of the elusive creature.

ball point pen with some ink and gouache.

Here's a collaboration piece with Thierry Lafontaine (Senior painter at Imaginism Studios)
Designed by Bobby Chiu & Thierry Lafontaine
Painted by Thierry Lafontaine
Medium: Acrylics
"The Amphibious One Eyed Squirrel is a result of mating an Aqua Squirrel with an One Eyed Toad. It has very powerful hopping abilities and swims extremely quickly in water. It's looked at as a spiritual creature to certain tribes and is used in many ceremonies. It is said that if you lick the eye of the creature, you'll be able to see into the future for a good 5 to 15 minutes."