Sunday, April 10, 2011

Artists Help Japan: Toronto - Online bids starting as low as $0.99

Poster by Kei Acedera

Hi Everyone,

The Artists Help Japan event is coming up in Toronto!

We have just put up part 1 of the artwork for bidding and they all start as low as $0.99
Please take a look at the great artwork generously donated by some very talented artists!

The online portion of this auction starts now and will end on April 17th 12:00am EST. Once the online portion for bidding ends, the items will be transferred to our LIVE event for display and for LIVE bidding at Revival Bar in Toronto, Canada. If there are no higher bids in the LIVE event, the piece will go to the highest bidder in the online auction.

Click here to follow through to our Online Auction.

About our Live event on April 17th:
This event will feature more than 24 artists and illustrators from the Greater Toronto Area creating original drawings for 12 hours! This is an unprecedented opportunity for the general public to commission an original drawing from a professional artist and watch its creation in process; the artist’s fee will be donated entirely to the Canadian Red Cross.

Artists Help Japan: Toronto
Toronto’s Illustration Community Fundraiser for Quake and Tsunami Relief
At REVIVAL, 783 College Street, Toronto
...Sunday April 17th, 12 Noon to 12 Midnight
Free To Attend – All Ages

For more information about the LIVE event, please visit our facebook page.

Some of the artists participating in the pre-event online auction are:
- Dice Tsutsumi
- Kei Acedera
- Bobby Chiu
- Thierry Lafontaine
- Benoit Therriault
- Alvin Lee (coming soon)
- Camila d'Errico (coming soon)
...and more to come.