Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Comicon: Imaginism Booth G6-7 & Schoolism Booth 2042-2044!

It's getting to that time of year again! San Diego COMICON!!!!
This year we have a booth just for Schoolism: booth 2042-2044
3 great reasons to stop by the Schoolism Booth.
1. Receive FREE personal critiques from our teachers at the booth.
2. Watch them paint and draw over top of your work.
3. People that go to our booth and sign up for our mailing list will receive a FREE DVD of "Creature Design for Live Action Films by Bobby Chiu"

*FREE DVD supply is limited so visit us at the Schoolism booth first! booth 2042-2044

Imaginism Studios Booth G6-7
3 great reasons to stop by the Imaginism Booth

1. We are premiering our 12th book "Chiutensity/Whispers". This book is half Kei Acedera and half Bobby Chiu. It's all about the late night sketches and paintings we do as well as some great stuff we've never published in our previous books.

2. There will be tons of new prints such as the one below.

Title: Mushroom Hunter
Artist: Bobby Chiu
Medium: Photoshop

3. Special Comicon prices on prints is $20. (Regular price $30) This is only for the people that buy prints at our Comicon booth.