Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Designs for "The Last Air Bender" - Appa

Here's the final concept for Appa in The Last Airbender movie.

hehe... just joking. It's just a little warm up sketch I did this morning of my buddy's dog (Wicket) as Appa from one of my favorite cartoon series: Avatar "Last of the Air Benders".


Anyhow, for some real news... Kei and I will be participating in the International Art & Design Symposium this Saturday March 28 until the 31st. I've heard nothing but amazing mind blowing things about this workshop so it's our honor to be a part of this event.

Sunday - March 29th 4-5pm: I will be conducting a workshop on Digital Painting Techniques in section DA 3 I'll be showing my personal techniques and how I set up my palettes and create some of my favorite brushes. Then a creature painting demo!

Sunday - March 29th 7-9pm: Both Kei and I will be at DA1 & 2: The Characters Creatures and Monsters Speed Painting Jam- Join Mike Bierek, Shaun Healey, Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera, David Levy, Manny Carrasco, Mikko Kinnunen, Noxizmad and others as they share their digital sketching process for generating quick ideas on the fly.

Tuesday - March 31st 12-1pm: I'll be participating in "From Commission to Completion: The Basics of Freelancing Some of the most influential people in illustration reveal their freelancing methodology, industry wisdom, and interesting work experience."