Thursday, September 11, 2008

Schoolism and Joe Biden Sketch!

This is a quick photoshop sketch I did this morning of Joe Biden. I'm working on a new color technique which I hope will allow for me to make tight deadlines while maintaining the quality that I aim for in my work. I will be adding color to this and will share when finished. I feel it's always good to experiment and try new things with your art, and it's also refreshing!

I need to also let everyone know that my next class at is filling up. My next class starts on October 31rst. The classes have been going very well and the work that my students are creating is very exciting to see. For those of you out there who do not know what it is that I do, My course at is an Online Art Class on The Art of Caricature. It's a one on one correspondence course. That means that every week my students watch a two hour video filled with demos and lecture followed by homework assignments. Each week I spend 15 to 30 minutes per student critiquing their work. What that means is that I record myself drawing and painting over the students work while sharing my thoughts and techniques. As a student you also have access to watch the critiques of your fellow students as well as the critiques of past semesters.
To learn more about Schoolism click here. There are limited seats available for each class.

I saved my Biden sketch in stages for you to check out. This is a study in values, so it was painted in grayscale using blacks, grays, and white!