Saturday, August 30, 2008

Totoro Project - Bidding is now ONLINE!

FYI: You can also bid on the art from the Totoro Forest Project ONLINE! Bidding has already started and will end on Midnight 9/5/08. To see the auction items click HERE

Here's direct links if you wanted to bid on any of our pieces.
Enoki Forest Song

Dirty Job


As a convenience to those who are unable to attend the auction, we do accept absentee bids. This is a silent auction item so, once the absentee bidding period (Now - Midnight, 9/5/08) is over, the winning bid for this lot will set the minimum bid for this lot on the night of the auction. Please note, on the night of the auction, up to 5 silent auction pieces may be chosen as "wild cards" for the live auction. Should this piece be chosen as a wild card, it will NO LONGER be a silent auction item, and the highest bid will become the opening bid in the live auction. If no one at the auction places a higher bid, during either the silent auction OR the live auction, the winning absentee bid becomes the purchaser.