Friday, January 11, 2008

O Juliet!

This was a fun little piece for our friend Steven Gettis who collects original art from a ton of amazing artists. The theme was to interpret our favorite literary figure. Juliet really isn't my favorite literary character, but I had pictured this silly image in my head and just had to draw it. And I also chose to draw her beacuse she is one of the most memorable characters in all of literature.

Its an honor to be part of his collection with the likes of such great artists like:
Mike Mignola, Louie and Ronnie del Carmen, Enrico Casarosa, James Jean, Scott Morse, Bruce Tim, Adam Hughes, Alberto Ruiz, Stephen Silver and Bobby Chiu to name a few.

So please check out his site: Steven Gettis
A really fun collection. And what's most interesting is that you can see the connection that the artists have with their favorite literary figures.