Monday, July 09, 2007

Bigfoot 's New Friend or Yeti 's New Friend?

Hi all,
Here's a piece I did call "Big Foot 's New Friend" but now that I think about it... shouldn't it be called "Yeti 's New Friend"? It's just that I like the words - Big Foot. It just sounds funnier.
I did this initially as a demo for my digital painting class on SCHOOLISM (Shameless plug.. sorry about that) but after looking at it for a while I thought Big Foot looked lonely so I put in a little buddy for him.

Anyhow it's a painting about love and friendship :)

I also submitted this to Exotique 3 so wish me luck guys!

By the way, anyone interested in the August 7th Digital Painting Techniques class... there are 2 spots left.


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