Monday, June 18, 2007

Philadelphia Wizard World ..and talk about huge!

One of the oldest cities in the US, Philadelphia is rich with so much history and art. Almost everywhere you looked, there was a wall or building covered with beautiful murals! It was the perfect city to visit and showcase our art. We'd like to thank everyone who came by to our booth --we really appreciate your encouraging words and kind purchases :P Sorry we didn't bring enough books and prints for everyone, we'll be more prepared next time!

We arrived at Philadelphia passed our bedtime, but were very lucky to see the Beachhouse Row at night--but unlucky coz my camera was out of batteries! So here's a picture courtesy of another site of the beautiful view we saw:

A view of our 32 foot table!

And this...This person wins the weirdest (funniest) costume getup ever! HE was just so odd I HAD to draw him. Bobby couldn't even look at him.

..It was a very sucessful con and we had a ton of fun!