Monday, September 18, 2006

FAIRY ART from our newest book "FAIRY SKETCHES"


Ok here's something thats long over due. This post is all about samples from Imaginism's newest book "Fairy Sketches." I'm extremely proud of this book because this is the first time I've teamed up with another artist to do the book . Her name is Kei Acedera, Imaginism's fantastic art director! We created the cover together as well as 2 other pieces in the book and tutorial.

Guest Artists:
Sergio Aragonés - Mad Magazine legend of legends, creator of "Groo the Wanderer"
Gavin Ball - Great Draftsman and all around nice guy
Linda Bergkvist - No fairy book would be the same without Linda. Multi award winning artist
Kevin Dart - I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing talent in San Diego.
Kitty Fung - Our friend and Anime prodigy
Robin Mitchell - My brother from another mother. Great friend and character designer.
Justin Ridge - A true talent! It was an absolute pleasure to have Justin in my book.

Here's some previews of Kei's super lovable fairies... and some of mine.